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The Windmills Route, Searching for Dulcinea
As a way to make my trip to the North of Spain, León lighter, I decided to take a different
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Date with Destiny’15
  Tired of my classic experience of not having dates, one year ago in December I changed the cycle by
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What’s the Point of Hiding Wisdom? I Can Do It, Birmingham
    I visited Birmingham to attend to the Hay House event, “I Can Do It” in Birmingham. I learnt
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My Missing Dot book proposal finished
The book proposal, I’ve been working on, it’s finally finished!!!   It’s ready to enter the Hay House’s content. Although
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How I Became One with Myself in India
    Summer, summer long gone. We are already in fall but this post is about my summer vacation. Last summer,
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Using Music to Coach Yourself
October 11th, 2016 We are rhythm. Babies begin to hear the world while they are in the womb. They hear
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Back in September
5th July 2016 July is here and we are going on vacations…     As I told you I’m going
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put my money where my heart is
I Put my Money Where my Heart Is
How missing a flight can be useful to your financial goals ? My trip to Chicago was wonderful until I
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Why Four Days in Chicago?
21th June, 2016 Chicago is called “the windy city,” but I was fortunate the second time I visited. There was
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1 month old
Happy birthday to my web
12th June, 2016 This is a short post only to celebrate : My web is on the air for a
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