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Being a Voice in the Wilderness


With life becoming busier and internet eating up our time more than ever many people sacrifice their “me-time” because of “more important things”.

This could be a reason for losing your voice in the wilderness but it isn´t mine. The reason for having to find my voice is fear of public exposure, fear of failure, fear to be vulnerable.


My name is Carmen Amrit and I want to inspire myself and  others to find our voices, our passions, and our places in this big world.


It can be a new business, a book, a song, or a new way of love. It can be anything.

I connect with brilliant minds while writing about my own process of “Daring Greatly” – feeling vulnerable, falling, and standing up again through challenges.


My first challenge is this website, created by the DIY. In my case, DIM: Do It Myself.


My second challenge is writing blog posts and getting used to sharing my vulnerability and the process of “my feat.”


My third challenge will be “my feat” – figuring out how to write my book,

 “My Missing Dot – A Personal Journey to Find Love, Sex, and Joy through Past Lives and Beyond.”

This will be my memoir where you can read about my road-map

through past lives to grasp some understanding for the time

I call “My Sahara,” and maybe find the secrets of your own Sahara too.


Something about me, I was born in Spain and currently living in Barcelona. I’m a Libra Rat which makes me bright and mostly positive, while keeping doubt as my companion.

I love talking, scuba diving (even though I cannot talk while doing it), and traveling.


I’ve participated in a few seminars, such as NLP with Richard Bandler,

Master University with Anthony Robbins and Past Lives with Brian Weiss.

I have done the fire walk, climbed a pole of 15-18 meters (50-60 feet), broke an arrow in my chest, learned archery, and jumped twice from a plane to skydive. But this website and book are making me taste the fear in my mouth.


Doreen Virtue said that you need to say “boo” to your fears. So, as I did with the other experiences, I will close my eyes and scream “BOOOO!”


I start a journey to find my voice while I share with others my experiences and reflections, the brilliant minds I listen to, the music and movies, that inspires me and anything will cross my mind.




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Anything you want to say 'boo' with me ?

Web and book, totally out of my control zone. I'm saying 'boo' to them.

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