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The Windmills Route, Searching for Dulcinea

As a way to make my trip to the North of Spain, León lighter, I decided to take a different route from the usual one. I went through La Mancha and Ávila and visited the Windmills Route. These are the windmills that inspired Miguel de Cervantes to write the epic stories of       […]


Date with Destiny’15

  Tired of my classic experience of not having dates, one year ago in December I changed the cycle by having a date with destiny in Boca Raton. If you’re thinking I’m going to explain what a fantastic date I had with a handsome man, then sorry, no hot date. Although I must say, it […]


What’s the Point of Hiding Wisdom? I Can Do It, Birmingham

    I visited Birmingham to attend to the Hay House event, “I Can Do It” in Birmingham. I learnt a lot of hiding,       This event is a weekend where you listen to inspiring Hay House authors. I knew some of the authors and others were new to me. Some delivered interesting […]

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